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Best phone holder for 2017 EV

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What would be the best universal phone holder? I use Google phone. Was there ever a genuine phone holder by Smart? I can only find 2 Chinese options on eBay and am not sure how they would attach inside.
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Yes, for the 453 smarts there is a factory option phone holder. First available in 2016 for the smaller phones and later available as a larger version for larger phones. I have the smaller version that I use for my standard iPhone 11. I had to modify each end to get the phone plus it’s case to fit. Others here have done the same. They were quite pricey from the dealer. I have seen them offered occasionally here for sale and rarely on eBay.
Would you have a photo or a link to one (so that I know that I am searching for)?
Is this one the original one?
I also found this one. Hard to tell which one would work better.
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You can see where I had to cut out the ends to allow a longer phone to fit. Width of original is not that great. Wouldn’t accept a phone much wider. Cut out area looks much worse in the photo than in real life.
Thank you for the photo. I wonder if either of the 2 that I found on Amazon would have this same problem or if they adjusted the length of the arms since.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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