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Best phone holder for 2017 EV

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What would be the best universal phone holder? I use Google phone. Was there ever a genuine phone holder by Smart? I can only find 2 Chinese options on eBay and am not sure how they would attach inside.
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Yes, for the 453 smarts there is a factory option phone holder. First available in 2016 for the smaller phones and later available as a larger version for larger phones. I have the smaller version that I use for my standard iPhone 11. I had to modify each end to get the phone plus it’s case to fit. Others here have done the same. They were quite pricey from the dealer. I have seen them offered occasionally here for sale and rarely on eBay.
Is this one the original one?
Not the first gen one. Never saw the larger one so don’t know if that one is factory. Looks like it should work. Factory models have a port to plug in a short charging wire to keep the phone charged, especially when using GPS. You can see the cord in the photo below. Not certain the aftermarket ones have that feature.
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You can see where I had to cut out the ends to allow a longer phone to fit. Width of original is not that great. Wouldn’t accept a phone much wider. Cut out area looks much worse in the photo than in real life.
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