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Hi Folks,

I'm Ron Gaus with in St. Louis. Though we are a distributor for the European Design smarts that came in a few years ago (2005/2006), I also have a 2008 smart. Coincidentally, I work with a gentleman who had ordered a black on black Passion Coupe and it is arriving in the next few weeks, he believes. Not sure how the transfer of "position" would work, but he would be happy to transfer this to anyone interested in this color car with the Comfort Package. He would like $500 extra for his car, which seems somewhat fair compared to some of the ebay demands. If anyone is interested in talking to him, let me know and I'll give you his email or phone number. I'm just sending this out to the Midwest Region due to timeframe and my affiliation to the Midwest. Thanks.

Black on Black with Comfort Package, $15,085 with Destination Charges
($15,585 with the extra $500).

Ron Gaus,
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