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Blower fan dead

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2014 passion for two. my blower fan will not work on any speed. is there a relay? if so i do i locate it. fuses are all good no power to fan or resistor. ac runs but no blower. i wish i could find a print on this circuit. any help please. thank you
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My 2008, went though 2 blower motors. Just replace it. Rock carries them. Easy replacement.

Good Luck,heat+&+air+conditioning,blower+motor,6916
I found the wire where it goes into the connector at the motor was not making contact. I added a bit of length to make it easier to connect/disconnect and it has worked much better now.
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I cleaned mine up also because all the sudden it wouldn't run on any speed, from working fine. Tried all types of fixes, replacing the fuse, the resistor pack, the switch on the dash nothing fixed it. I fixed the problem by cutting the positive to the fan and wiring the positive to the fan to the positive of the lighter, lighter still works also. The Blue wire leading to the fan is the negative that controls the speeds. The non-blue wire to the fan is the positive, Seems to have resolved the other issues with the fan. That's when I decided to test the positive wire and found it was dead, thus leading to the lighter positive for the fan. Now it works just great, no issues. On a totally different thread I was looking for a solution and finally in the end I found it was a dead positive wire leading to my blower fan.
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