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Bluetooth works but doesn't see my phone content

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I have a 453 with touchscreen. My Bluetooth feature works but doesn't see the content in my iphone. If I select my music or podcasts from my phone, they come through ok via Bluetooth but I can't control selections from my touchscreen as it can't see the content. It worked ok last week but as of a few days ago, I can't seem to get it to work. This problem seems to pop up from time to time and I'm wondering if it an issue with an iphone update gone wrong or is it a problem with the smart's entertainment system. With the phone plugged in to the USB, everything works fine.
Not sure if it will reset itself eventually as it sometimes does.
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You give no indication where you live. I'm *jealous* you landed a 453 with an entertainment system. Can I assume you do not reside stateside? Or did a Smart with entertainment system sneak across the border without my hearing about it?

Nice looking color!
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