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Boesch Cold Air Intake (CAI) For Sale

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As some of you have read in some of my other posts I finally got all the parts to put the air filter system back to stock and removed this Boesch CAI. Lots of people like the louder intake, but it was just too noisy for me. $120 plus shipping.

Yes I have the grommet and elbow for the vacuum hose, just forgot to get it in the picture.


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Interested. Any idea on shipping to 95315?

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The purchaser may want to get the silicon tube that smart Madness sells to install with this. The sound is fantastic on acceleration but no drone in my experience.
For those thinking about getting an expensive exhaust system this is a cheaper and better alternative in my estimation.

Thanks. That was going to be my next question. If the silicone extender fits.

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Looks like Medium Priority Mail at USPS is $13.60 to anywhere, any weight.

PayPal ok? Can send funds that way any time you're ready.

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Thanks. Replied.

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