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Boesch Cold Air Intake (CAI) For Sale

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As some of you have read in some of my other posts I finally got all the parts to put the air filter system back to stock and removed this Boesch CAI. Lots of people like the louder intake, but it was just too noisy for me. $120 plus shipping.

Yes I have the grommet and elbow for the vacuum hose, just forgot to get it in the picture.


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Looks like Medium Priority Mail at USPS is $13.60 to anywhere, any weight.
Sold! Lock 'er up moderator!
For those interested in removing the OEM intake system WITHOUT resorting to a Sawzall... a simple solution (which I have done). You might want to refer to the evilution site for pictures since I didn't think to take any.

Remove the air filter cover (with flexible duct)

Remove the two torx screws holding the lower portion of the air filter box and pop the box off the spherical headed bolt.

Twist the loose air filter box so you can reach behind it with a wrench (15mm IIRC) to remove said spherical headed bolt from the top of the transmission. This frees the box to get out of the way for access to the upper transmission mount bolts.

Remove the silencer/resonator (looks like a black squid attacking the transmission) attaching torx screw (right side of the silencer, near the O2 sensor), hoses, loosen duct clamp from throttle body, pop the silencer from its spherical headed bolt and move the silencer aft for more access.

Remove the upper and lower torx screws which hold the silencer's attaching L-bracket (which has its spherical headed bolt) to the transmission.

Place a jack under the engine to remove the weight from the engine mounts, remove the now-exposed 3 big external torx bolts from the upper transmission/engine mount on the left side (driver's side in the USA), lower the left side (driver's side in the USA) of the engine. Be careful to put the jack nearer to the rear of the transmission housing, not the front as that will push the engine aft as you lower it and you will never get the bolts back in... ask me how I know.

With the engine lowered you should have enough room to wiggle out the filter box and silencer... and to put it all back in later for inspection.

Or you can sell the OEM stuff to people like me (already got mine, thanks) to compensate for the price of the Boesch CAI.

FYI the torque for the upper transmission/engine mount bolts for reassembly are 80 Nm which translates to about 60 ft lbs.
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