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I am pleasantly surprised at my service trip to my local MB dealership (former smart dealer) in Gainesville for the warranty service provided on my 14 Cab. Since purchase last fall (see if interested for purchase details, I have been keeping a list of items I would like to have looked at before the warranty runs out. So with last weeks weather being to cold for my early morning bike ride I decided to give mb Gainesville a call. ( Yes after living in NCF for the past 7 years I’m finally Floridized… hard to believe that low 60’s is to cold to ride).

Anyway my listed included the following:

1. The right instrument cluster button doesn’t appear to work when trying to adjust the dashboard time.

2. The weatherstripping on the driver’s door jam has shrunken and not sitting correctly near the dogleg. I have tried to fix but appears too short to reseat.

3. Missing rubber stopper on left side convertible top hinge (as seen with top in raised condition for access to trunk.

4. General check over for leaks underneath. Axle seals and the like. The oil was changed at around 7,000 by Benzel Busch of NJ last fall. But, I can see a little oil around the drain plug. Wondering if that is normal or maybe the washer wasn’t replaced.

MB replaced the entire instrument cluster, front weatherstripping and r r axle (leak from the seal) and ordered the bump stop. They gave me a new MB SUV loaner and Max was returned in pristine conditon. Thank you MB Gainesville!!

Now would I take BoMax to Gainesville after the warranty period......probably not:D
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