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Hello fellow smart owners! I have been absent for some time because my smart (the Sleigh) has been running so well and life sort of got in the way of further modifications, but that is a story for another time. My 2009 smart has decided it is time for a new clutch (135k miles and $2000 to repair) and has a decided miss when running. My scangauge tells me it is a P0000 which is meaningless as far as I can tell. I had the codes read and they tell me I need to replace all three of my coils ($250.00 each X 3). Is it possible for all the coils to go at one time??? To top it off the clear coat has started to come of on all the front panels (hood, both fenders - expensive to replace).

Due to the cost of fixing all of the above I started looking for another smart and I found one! I purchased a 2009 smart cabrio rally red with 38k miles on it. The panels are all pristine. The interior shows some wear, but it is black so I will be swapping with my current interior. I will move much of my custom work to the new Sleigh, and perhaps do some other upgrades as finances allow. So far the only issue with the new Sleigh is the clutch actuator needs adjustment. That will get done today. I searched the forums and found JWight’s post with photos of the proper adjustment information - THANK YOU!

Sorry to have been away so long - you will see more of me for a bit here as I get things moved over to the new Sleigh. I really appreciate all the information on this site. Thanks again to all.
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