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This listing is for a set of 15" (4) of front and rear Genuine BRABUS Monoblock VII Alloy wheels that come on the North American Lightshine Edition smart fortwo. These wheels will fit on all 451 model smart fortwo models.

Please note!
These is a take off set of smart BRABUS Wheels. The wheels are in excellent condition. We are the largest seller of aftermarket custom wheels for the smart in North America. Due to this we get many sets of excellent condition, low mileage wheels as trade ins.

Each wheels is carefully inspected and the very best wheels that have no flaws are cleaned and put up for resale.

smart car BRABUS 15" Monoblock VII alloy wheel set (4) - Lightshine Edition Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM or contact us directly at 888-993-7552 or 562-981-7552!
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