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Hello everyone,

I am the owner of the 2009 Brabus cabrio that was in an accident a few weeks ago. I am now selling the rear two Brabus wheels and tires. I also have the left front wheel and tire. The right side has too much damage to sell in my opinion. If you buy all 3 and want the damage one I can let you have it.

These wheels are in excellent condition. Very minor road scuffs that are extremely minimal. The tires themselves are new. They were replaced 1 week before the accident so they are like brand new literally. I can send pics of both if you are interested, let me know via email or text me at 305-590-1948. This car was garage kept and only had 29,000 miles on it. That is why the wheels are in excellent condition. They are the OEM wheels that come with the Brabus edition. The tires are Hankook Ventus V4 ES. The rear are 17's and the front one is 15.

Asking $1250 for all 4 + shipping. This wheels retail for over $500 each without tires if you were to buy them new. ** I am including the tires which are brand new ***
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