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Hey Guys and gals!

My name is John Kolander
I am a Brand specialist for Smart Center Stevens Creek.

we are located at ;
4175 Stevens creek blvd Santa Clara, CA 95051
My phone number is 408-213-7880
Email; [email protected]

I am very exited to be working with smart enthusiasts and people interested in learning more about buying a new smart car.
If you have any questions regarding buying a New Smart, please do not hesitate to contact me.
At smart Center Stevens creek, we have a fully stocked inventory of smart cars , Including the BRABUS convertibles and coupes in both silver and black.
Just last week we added a new in dash GPS unit option from kenwood replacing the Eclips unit previously offerd. we do on site instalation and service.
I know a good deal about vehical modificatons and can try and walk you throgh any custimization steps you may wish to perform to your smart fourtwo.
Thanks for your time!
I will be posting any udates I may recive through Smart to give you guys the inside info.

PS; as of 9/16/09 We have a used 09 Passion, white with black safty cell & black cloth interior with panaramic roof. Smart car with only 230 miles on the clock!!!
no acidents,no incidents(guy changed his mind) litrely like new call me if you want to take advantage of this amazing deal.
My direct line is 408-300-3582
John k

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Hi John,

Just curious, are you an addition or a replacement to the team? I was at the Center Tuesday and noticed the Kenwood display. Neat.

BTW, you need to update the center's website, your info has not been posted yet.
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