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Breakfast Know-It-All Electric Car Question

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Ok, Good Morning! I have a table-full of self proclaimed experts on basically EVERYTHING!
Can anyone tell me what amperage a smart car pulls from your house power during a charge?
I have all kinds of answers here! Also, what about, say, a Tesla? Its a bigger, faster car so bigger battery??
Guys, I’ve got a breakfast riding on this!
Larry in East China Mi
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Uhh, khlam, you're a little bit off there. As a US 453 ed/eq owner, the HV battery is 7.2 kW, not 17.6. Also the 120v power charger cord supplied with the car comes with 2 settings, an 8a and a 12a. My 240v power charge cord, however, allows 30 amps. The car can be recharged from empty with 240 volts at 30 amps (i.e. 7200 watts) in 2.5 hours. Using the 120v power charger cord the smart car can be recharged from empty in 13 hours. But nobody usually allows the car to go to empty, so charging times are less.
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Khlam, Sorry you're right! Misread window sticker for car, looked it up again, found:

Battery: 17.6 kWhr, water cooled
Charger: 7.2 kW !


Also, a snap pic from my 240v charging cable:

Both the voltage and current vary constantly each second, showing Eversource's supply variations 6.4 to 7.4 kW's (or more) as I watch it charge.
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