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broken lock on 2009 cabriolet tail gate

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I can't get the tail-gate open on the car I just bought from CA. It had big knobby tires and green camo wrap, you might have seen it advertised, any way I bought it and now it is at my house with new tires that don't rub, but can't get the rear tail-gate open. It is a 2009 cabriolet convertible. I followed the manel, went on line, but no help. Before I take a grinder to it, I slowed down and figured who most to help but all the experts at this forum. !!!! HELP me PLEASE !
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Rear tailgate release levers Known problem where the latch pins and flippers crack and fail. I had this problem on my '08 Passion and I bought replacements and it was an easy repair in about an hour.
My car is a convertible , the lock looks different than a coupe. How did you get it open ?
You hear nothing when you press the release button, up by the rear license plate light?
no I know there is a bad actuator. I can hear the gas door unlock, but no sound at the actuator. There are no places for the two release levers.
It might be time to drill some holes...
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