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Browser requirements for vehicle homepage

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So I got my VVC and went to the vehicle homepage to create my account. That page complains my browser is incompatible. I tried with both IE11 and Firefox 53. It says to visit an info page on browser compatibility that doesn't exist.

I only really need to get it set up so I can use EVAccess on my phone. What browser does it want? I'm worried enough about the poor programming on the site that something won't display or function correctly at all and I'll either miss it or get my account so screwed up that it will be unusable.
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Chrome or Safari.
I'm one of those luddites who does not have a smartphone. And I try to avoid Google crap, so I use Comodo Dragon - a open source chrome browser on my PC - its used for the smart homepage only.
I'm trying hard to be the last person on earth without a cell phone. I'm getting close I think based on my observation in restaurants, etc. I don't have VVC codes and am not sure why I would even need one for the way we use our Smart car.

2014 EV
I can understand and respect folks who don't need this. Allow me to provide scenarios where the mobile app (which a third party one with push notifications exists, EV Access for Android and iOS) is kind of helpful:

-You are public charging (or in my case when this happened, charging at work 1/4-mile from where the charger and deck is), and someone unplugs your car. If you're attached to ChargePoint, it'll send you a text or push notification that your session ended. However more often than not the public stations aren't so communicative, how would you know someone unplugged you? In my instance, someone was curious what the plug looked like. Since the LEAF wouldn't release (locked) the plug, they tried my car...which interrupted my session. EV Access notified me *before* ChargePoint did that my session ended. The alternative to this is that your L1 or L2 malfunctions, this is how I knew the car hadn't finished charging on my faulty L1 the first weekend we planned a big trip with it (and knew I needed to get my butt outta bed and get to the mall to plug it in).

-You need quick access to the mileage of the vehicle (displayed in both VHH/EV Access),

-You want to configure Departure Time Climate Controls in an easier fashion

-Bragging rights for how Eco your driving was (better breakdown that I've seen on VHH in EV Access).

For this car, that's all the usefulness you'll really get. Other makes and models offer more useful features -- vehicle parking location, remote door unlock or lock (just checking the status of this is very helpful sometimes, especially if your spouse is a little OCD or absent minded), horn and light activation (think remote panic button, sometimes useful in parking lots), climate control triggering (on battery power, something I wish this car did), and even DTC/Service information or reminders.

I'll admit that the Smart is very limited in what it can do in it's mobile application, but I find the charging notifications (using the third-party EV Access app) to be extremely useful.
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