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Many of you may have seen this already, but I thought it was a pretty entertaining read...

2013 Tesla Model S vs. 1915 Ford Model T: Race of the Centuries

One of my favorite pieces from the article is below. Maybe some of the "geezers" on SCoA can identify. :D

"It seems prudent, at this point, to get some seat time in a T, so I set out to learn how to drive the thing with Liepelt, in the countryside near his house. It goes well, meaning that I return from the experience only slightly more terrified of what we are about to embark on than I was before having actually driven the contraption I had incorrectly assumed was actually something resembling a car.

If you ask any surviving geezer what he thinks of the Ford Model T, he will likely have fond memories of it. Such is the appreciation for this icon of Yankee ingenuity, this wide-eyed, old-timey charmer. This is because the people who would have bad things to say about it all died in or under or within the general vicinity of a T.

Model Ts are simple devices. But then, so are machetes. When describing what sounds like minor mechanical mishaps in Model Ts, Liepelt is fond of saying things like, “By all rights, that guy should have lost a foot.” Lost a foot?! Who loses feet anymore?"
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