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2008 Passion Cabrio.

My convertible top is slightly misaligned, refusing to close completely on one side (very tiny gap, but much wind noise >45mph). The hooks that clasp to the A pillar don't match; one is fully latched, the other only partially. After removing the rear brake light and spoiler assembly, I am able to access the soft top motor. I have repeatedly realigned the spring cables against the gears inside, but each time I run the top back forward, the teeth skip back to the previous position. I have adjusted both sides both ways, in every permutation I can think of.

1. Is it possible to source these gears and/or other myriad little plastic pieces elderberry in the top assemblies, as it's possible they are a little worn?

2. Has anyone found success in realigning the two sides of the top by means other than opening the soft top motor transmission?

3. I really need advice from someone who has successfully worked on one of these... I'm persistent and resourceful but this is trying me.
I have both side motors and gears if you need some
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