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I just had the same problem last night (drivers side and my cable squirted out the top between the back and the rail) leaving for moab tomorrow, so this is super inconvenient..
i did manage to get the rails out and get the top down..i'm waiting for mercedes to open so i can see if they might accidentally have a cable kit..
heres how i got it to come down..
i pulled the back of the top off and popped the cables out of the gear box, then i put a screwdriver between the little cup and pin where the top latches in the back (just to get a bit of room)
i used a pair of big needlenose pliers and a grinder to cut the cable (actually had to cut it in 2 places where it was straight)
i was able to get ahold of the end of the bad cable at the gear box with pliers and pulled it out. then for the other end, i kept fiddling with it and managed it get it go go back through the crack by prying the back of the top and pushing on the front of the top so it pulled the end of the cable back into the track (through the crack between top rear and rail)
since the cables are disconnected at the motor, the other side slides freely.
after getting the cable back into the grove, i was able to manually push the front part of the top back into its cassette thing (back of top where it folds up) pushed it back enough for the latches to open when they passed over, then i was able to push the button and lower the back part of the top.
from here, you can follow the same procedure you would follow for replacing sliders and remove the top..
(only instead of letting the motor push it out, just pull it manually by hand once the top is out a bit it will release from the cables (do both sides) then pull the whole top out and sit it aside.. now you can pull your ruined cable out (and the other one if you're changing both) put the new ones in by just pushing them in..when its just a bit sticking out, slide your top back in, put the pins in the holes and push the top into the cassette. now you can set your cable alignment and put the gearbox back together..
you should be able to take it from here.. good luck, wish me luck on having a set of cables in stock.. :D
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