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Before I would rebuild the calipers I think I would give the mounting surfaces a good cleaning and a light lubing so that the caliper slides easily on its mount. I would also lightly sand the rotors to remove any glaze and also a very light scuffing of the brake pads. Usually when a car pulls to one side and then the other during braking a caliper is binding in it's mount. When a caliper does stick it's rare that both do it, it's usually just one side. Drive it a ways then stop and shoot the rotors with an infrared thermometer to see if the temps of both are close to the same. Also inspect your rubber brake hose going to the wheel as sometimes the inside layer becomes pinched and that restricts the fluid flowing back somewhat. If you are getting the traction control light when it does it's pulling that's a whole other matter. DCO
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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