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Doesn't it need to be plugged in when its over 104 degrees f or under 15 degrees f according to the manual?
It's over 104F or below -4F. But due to a presumed bug that causes the car's HV battery pack to deliberately self-destruct if the 12V battery goes flat - even if the car is plugged in, we are currently uncertain about the applicability of this advice. Occasional mid-day incursions over 104 F is unlikely to damage the battery if it is stored at 60 percent SOC or so. Store the car in a shaded area in hot climates.

Compared to the wealth of information about the workings of the car in other EV's owner manuals like the Nissan LEAF, the Smart owners manual is almost useless IMHO.

From what we know now:

1. The most important thing is to keep a charger connected to the 12V battery if the car is stored for an extended period of time.

2. Contact a MB/Smart dealer and have the software update (Service campaign No. 1216060002) installed ASAP.
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