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Yes, this thread started a while ago, but it is still good info.

I bought a LightNsight a few weeks ago, and I really like it ! I am 6ft, and in Atlanta, the lights are hard to see without laying your head on your shoulder and leaning forward. (Phoenix had wide intersections, with additional traffic lights low on poles, so I probably would not have needed it there).
People already perceive that the smart is small, and when you are all "crunched up looking" sitting at the traffic light, I am sure people think it is tiny inside.

So chock me up as a satisfied LightNsight owner. (and yes, it comes in a small, non-descript envelope, so keep your eye on the mail if you order one.)

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Traffic Light Viewers

$10.45 Total to the Door LIGHT VIEWER

The plastic prism with suction cup mounts on top of the instrument panel directly ahead of driver seat. This part is useful to many drivers even without a Sun Visor on the car."


1. Mount the viewer as high on the windshield glass as possible. (This
obviously applies to the suction cup mount)

2. Suction cup and thick edge goes up so thin edge goes down.

3. Flat side goes to windshield, concave side goes toward user.

4. For widest effective area coverage, lens should be straight across the
left to right line in the car but windshield bow may make this difficult.

5. Adjust the tilt of the lens to move the image of the light higher or
lower to create best view.
61 - 67 of 67 Posts