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Late notice but wanted to assure there was something out there on this one.

My smart will be used for part of the clinic training along with the
all proceeds are being donated to one of the local women's shelter.
Cost is only $5.00.

"My Car Needs a New WHAT?#$!" Women's Car Care Seminar, Charlotte - Online Registration - DoAttend

The lady teaching the class:
The Car ChickTM

The Car Chick's real name is classified, and few people know her true identify. We do know that she is an entrepreneur, motoring enthusiast and race car driver.

The Car Chick is the co-owner of
Women's Automotive Solutions and the head of Car Chick Racing, where she drives a 2004 Mini Cooper S named “Maggie”. The Car Chick is passionate about educating women (and men) about all things automotive and has appeared on several national TV and radio shows. She is currently writing a book entitled, "A Chick's Guide to Buying a Car", which should be completed sometime in the next century.

In her infinite spare time, The Car Chick enjoys riding motorcycles with her new husband, David (a.k.a. The Car Doctor), and being a mom to three spoiled cats.

The Car Chick's First Car: 1978 Audi Fox
The Car Chick's Favorite Car: Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet
I talked with her today and she is also interested in getting the smarts into the racing circuit. More on that later.
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