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So in the Atlanta heat building up, I participate in frequent carpools where I wait for 10-45 minutes with AC and my question is whether I should (P)ark or (N)eutral with Parking Brake ?

I can't seem to discriminate a difference in current draw. Can't tell whether the VFD is "engaged" or fully E-Stopped in Neutral. It is more convenient to be in neutral as we have to move up in line periodically.

Park causes stress on the parking pin because we're on a hill and since using the parking brake to avert this is only partially effective given the complexity of doing it in the right order every time you have to move.. I usually just Neutral / Parking brake it, and pop into D to crawl if we're not coasting down the hill.

I've noticed that even with foot on the brake in D, there is some slight activity precursor to the crawl. I can hear the VFD controller singing. Besides, the brake lights are on, and any distraction could result in disaster.

Since I HAVE to run the AC, what is the best practice for this situation?

So far I have been QUITE PLEASED with the current draw of the AC - perhaps 1 or 2 percent loss in 30 minutes. - I'm wondering the long term effect of saving the VFD and minimizing strain on the battery.
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