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New to this toad thing... During our recent trip to the FL keys towing our 451 behind the motorhome I noticed the same thing many others have reported on the board. However, I couldn't find any answer as to why or how to prevent it. After the tow, turning the power back on and getting the gearbox to show N or P the smart trows a CEL. It stays on for a few starts and goes away. Have others found a way to prevent this? Here's how I been setting it up

1. Set parking brake
2. Put foot on brake pedal
3. Turn red battery switch to on
4. Wait for dash lights to show transmission gears
5. Move gear shift to Park.
6. Turn ignition key off.

My next ? has to do with the toad's supplemental brake system. It is powered via the smart's battery even though power is shut off to the car. Any idea off how many miles/time one can tow before worrying about running the battery down? During our recent trip we only went about 450 miles one two days before disconnecting and running the smart. But, during our summer travels we could go at least double that before actually using the toad. Do I need to invest in a supplemental toad battery charging system to keep the battery levels up to power the RVI 3? Thanks for any help you can provide.

2014 smart BoConcept Cabrio and 08 Navion IQ CL
North Central Fl
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