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I have had my 451 ICE for 1.5 years now. I have had a devil of a time with Smart phone holders as Mounting locations are scarce. Since I have to use my iPhone for my GPS this is important to me.

One of the Ads that I saw on this site was for a Kenu Premium Car Vent Mount. I purchased one and I would like to report that I am finding it very useful.

The clip that goes onto an air vent fin is very strong and adjustable. The side clip that holds the phone will take an iPhone X weight without problem and all is working very well.

I did find that I have to use two hands to open the phone clip to insert or remove the phone because when I just try to slide it in one handed I tend to push it off the Fin clip.

Other that minor change in my use, this product is holding up very well, 30'ish days or so now.

Later, George
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