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^Trim wipes are super easy to apply:

Wipe clean dry surface with pre-soaked towelette. That’s it!
Went from grayish-sun-baked trim to deep factory-fresh black. 🤩
(will share more pics in the morning)

Below is the complete before & after shots of my wife’s 2014 Model S driving/fog lights that I just did a few hours ago:

3 step process;

1) wipe clean with included oxidation remover towelette, 2) wetsand with included 2000 & 3000 grit sandpaper then rinse/dry, 3) wipe with pre-moistened ceramic wipe.

Made a huge difference - looks new again.
Highly recommend for any faded trim & lenses. Each box on Amazon for $16.88. Comes with several ceramic wipes. Only needed one trim wipe for entire smart car exterior. One Cerakote headlight wipe appears it can do up to 2-3 pairs of light lenses - great value if you have several cars.

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Finishing the smart’s headlights tomorrow morning. Did step one of three for now:
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Wish I took before and after photos of the trim to share with you all. Grill, mirrors, window trim, and rear trim really pops now. Will upload pics of the trim in the morning.
I also ceramic coated the tridion cell’s black paint with another company’s product “Endure XXL” - looks like a nice gloss black now instead of a hazy faded black.

It’s a new year.. Keep your smart looking fresh!

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See the before & after of a 24 yr old bumper at 12:45 in this video:

^ this video is what prompted me to get the Cerakote. Now that I’ve used it, and ran water over it as I rubbed it, I just had to share as it brought out the deep black and beads water and was super easy to apply.

Best part is I don’t anticipate having to reapply for a very long time (box says each application is good for up to 200 washes) and it comes with 10 wipes. (One wipe did the entire smart’s exterior trim). If I washed it once a week.. 52 weeks in a year.. one wipe lasting 4 years.. x 10 wipes.. that’s 40 years!! For $16.88!! 🤩

Wish I heard of this product soon before buying and using so many other trim restoration products that have to be reapplied regularly and don’t look as good, nor bead water as well. As a bonus, according to the video’s tester, it also provided the most UV A protection.

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Good results! I think I'll get some for my fleet. :)

That said, it's not going to last you anywhere close to 40 years. Cerakote advertises the coatings as lasting 2 years or "200 washes or more." That means at best, that one wipe actually gets you two years. There's a shelf life for the product too, and it's 1 year from the date of shipment.

Real world reviews seem to suggest that the coating actually lasts 6 months to 2 years, heavily depending on the trim, the condition of that trim, how well the coating was applied, how much touching the trim sees (door handles), the climate you live in and other environmental factors.

If you're lucky and the coating lasts 2 years, you'll still have to buy another box because the unused wipes will likely be past their shelf life. But hey, $16.88 every couple of years isn't too bad either. :)
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