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CES Las Vegas 2018

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smart and Mercedes will have vehicles on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week including the smart Vision EQ concept and the 2018 smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

Will any current, former, or potential smart owners reading this be attending?
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I'm torn by that information. Annette Winkler hits the USA and not a peep from the mothership in Atlanta, not to mention the mysterious absence of a smart USA executive, if there is one.

I'm hoping for the best for the smart brand here, but I think the powers that be see the markets as elsewhere and I won't be greatly surprised if Mercedes rolled up the smart USA operation in a few years, citing "flagging sales." :shrug:

Good to hear that you got a FREE lunch from Annette & Dietmar while the rest of us live the demise of the smart brand in North America.

If they were truly serious, they'd figure out a way to facilitate sale and delivery into the WHOLE of the U.S. without those of us who are range challenged having to beg borrow or steal from a smart Center miles away AND pay shipping to have it delivered to Annette & Dietmar's CUSTOMER!

With the demand on supply from Europe - soon the need to pretend they care about ED's in North America will be the final chapter. As John points out, what the heck is going on @ smartUSA Atlanta - is Mark Webster still "in charge?"

Crickets chirping . . . :sorrysign:
If not, then the 453 (all iterations of it) would have had a total production lifespan of 5 years.
Which is why the 453 smart is the lovechild of Renault/Nissan - it is DISPOSABLE without much impact on the balance sheet. :shrug:
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