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Changing the 451 glass hatch lift struts

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The ones on our 2011 finally bit the dust. so bought replacements on Amazon and used the warmer weather today to replace the old ones.

Connection at the glass hatch end. The little clip needs to be pried loose...

Use a narrow flat blade to pry up from the bottom...

Once it's pried up to the top of the ball you can pop the socket off. Same
for the other side...

There's a clip on the other end that needs to be pried out, and then you can
just give the strut a good hit toward the outside and it will pop off...

Done! Replacing is just the reverse, except you don't need to pry the clips
loose - :)
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so bought replacements on Amazon
I need to do this. Got a link to the product page? (yes, I'm being lazy)
These specific struts aren't available now. You can enter the year and make of your car and search for "Lift Struts" on Amazon and find other suitable items. :)
Ive replace more those silly thing on cars, then I can remember. The ones that hold up car hoods, always fail from engine heat. you need a good broom handle for a partner. the back glass on a smart, is a walk in the park. I usually replace both gas struts come at the same time. You can buy the smart car struts at most auto supply stores. Rock auto carries them too..... cold weather they like to act up..
...a tie-wrap does the trick till warm weather comes to help the lazy strut..

Jetfuel....I'm cheap...
I bought some of these on ebay for like $25 and they work great. Took 2 minutes to install.

The Sachs are just under $10...
But watch the shipping...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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