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Charging our smart and Leaf from a Tesla destination charger

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We recently bought an adapter that allows charging of our leaf or smart ED with a Tesla destination charger. Although we don't expect to use it a lot there are a few destinations we visit, (namely wineries and a couple other spots) that didn't realize there were other EV charge formats other than Tesla when they put in their charging infrastructure. As a result they only have a Tesla charge point and it is difficult to add additional facilities. So we bought a Tesla adapter and tried it out today. Works great. Now we have a back up plan. We are making a little card up we can hang it on the plug so if a Tesla user really needs it he/she can text us and we can come and free it up. Manners first.

Thanks Elon.

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Ahh carp. I forgot to put it up there. I paid 229 and the website is Quick Charge Power | Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

It might not be worth it for everyone but it is for us and our circumstances. It comes with a lock that allows it to lock to the car so it can't be removed.
For a car with only a 70 mile range, it's cheap insurance to keep handy.
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