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Charging patterns and battery longevity

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I was reading up on Teslas, and it seems that the batteries last the longest when they are kept near 50%. Essentially, a good working range is 30-80%, and only charging to 100% right before long trips helps promote battery longevity.

I know the battery packs aren't the same, but they're both essentially a huge bank of standard lithium rechargeables, right? Does this charge range hold true for our cars as well?

Teslas have the ability to charge to a preset level, so you can set it to (say) 60%, and it'll stop when it reaches that mark, and just stay there for days. The ForTwo has no such limiter, so I'm wondering how much effort I should put into timing my charge to unplug it.

Ultimately, in life, this doesn't matter...but I like to optimize occasionally inconsequential elements of my existence for fun and profit...
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My son drives his ED 50 km's to work every weekday.
Therefore he charges every two days to 100% capacity.
So far, so good. I charge our Leaf whenever it gets down to
around 30% and usually disconnect at around 90%.

My buddy charges his Tesla Model S to the same parameters

mentioned earlier. I tell him to just get over it...
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