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Hello everyone:
I have a 2004 Mercedes Smart Car and I need to get it smoged but the mechanic can't figure out the check engine light. Here is what they sent me yesterday via email

"I wanted to give you a status update on the Smart car and unfortunately the check engine diagnosis is getting pretty involved. We are having a communication issue from our diagnostic equipment to your Engine Control Module. This means that we are unable to read the code that is turning on the Check Engine Light. I promised you we were able to perform this work, however there is something else going on that is preventing the communication. We have attempted to run codes with numerous scan tools even aftermarket tools not made by Mercedes. All are giving the same result.

*If you would like to research this on your end, here are the details of what we are encountering....
Star Diagnostic System (Mercedes Diagnostic Computer) is unable to communicate with Engine Control Unit (ECU). It is able to communicate to other control modules but not ECU. We are approaching this problem two ways: 1. researching a wire diagram to see if there is a power disrupt with the ECU itself. 2. double-checking and ensuring that our diagnostic equipment is capable of scanning the code. We have checked fuses and found no issues.

**We are attempting to find a shop that works on gray market Mercedes Smart cars. Hopefully they may be able to provide a wiring diagram for your car. There is no documentation in any of our Mercedes catalogs on your car. We subscribe to all Mercedes proprietary documentation and it is very uncommon to not have this info readily available. "

I look forward to your help.
Willie B
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