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Smart Monster lol


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I LOVE IT! And I hate you OP (not really ♥), I just plunked down the dough for the first stage of my lift. I will have to change out the lights though, while the rally lights I got look really cool, functionally they are pretty garbage. I could change the bulbs, but that's a shot in the dark, plus I can't even adjust them how I want to without resorting to modifying them with zip ties.

I see those panels are shaved down a little. My design will hopefully not have to do that too much as I'm basically doing what I call a "double lift". My goal is not to be incredibly invasive like cutting panels, shaving the tridion (as I've seen in one build), and whatnot. Also, I'll be going with A/T tyres since ATV tyres aren't street legal and I like being alive.

How is that winch mounted? This is the second build I've seen that winch on and for the life of me I can't figure out how it's mounted.

No snorkels for me, deep water crossings in a smart is a bad idea, for both the car and one's own safety. They float really easily and the electrics aren't fond of moisture of any kind.

I am changing my design a little. Since little Tucker often hauls a load, the spare tyre will now go on a roof rack with a jerry can instead of hanging off the towing hitch. :D
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