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Checking In. And Chugging Along.

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because there isn't much to post about. I've now had my smart ED for 3-1/2 years. After my experience with the HV battery issue about a year and a half ago, the little guy just keeps on rolling. I went through the entire summer without A/C, because it seems MB can't seem to get it permanently fixed, and getting it into the shop is a major undertaking, so I just parked in the shade and didn't let the heat affect me. Now it's getting colder, so the seat warmers and excellent nearly-immediate on heating will be all I need.

When I bought the car in 2017, it was two years old with 19K miles on it. Three years later, it has over 42K and is pretty much my daily driver. COVID has reduced even that, so the car is averaging about 6,500 miles per year. At this rate, it will last forever!

And I'm delighted with the electric! I've never driven an ICE smart, but the performance off the line and around town is everything I could want it to be. I also have transported some fairly large loads in it by simply folding down the passenger seat. It's amazing how much room there is in this car!

I'm crossing my fingers for another year of uneventful driving. It's nice to feel I have a car that's fully paid for, and that doesn't cost but pennies a day to operate.

Wishing everyone well, and (in this day of shutdowns and pandemic) the best of holiday seasons!
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All the You tube videos rave the smart car EV. Compared to the ICE. The off the line torque. Only complain, was the long charging time it takes. The limit driving range.

Glad your enjoying you EV. Post some photo’s of your car.

Be interesting to see if a high(er) capacity battery could eventually be fit into the smart EV. The range right now is just too limiting for most, I think, even if it's just the perception. As long as a gallon of gas in the tank will get me 30-40 miles, I'll stick with the ICE. Throw in a jerry can or two and double your range.
I doubt we’ll ever see another smart car EV here. I wish Fiat, would import the 2021 500e here. A battery pack amounting to 42 kWh propels the FIAT 500 across nearly 200 miles of range. With the equivalent of 117 horsepower, the 500 should charge to 80 percent power in just 35 minutes.

Maybe the Chinese will build a better smart EV, with a longer driving range. Make mine with 4 doors too.
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