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So on a COLD Florida morning I hop in my 453 Cabrio, and just as the news of the world starts to come in . . . it doesn't. That's cuz the totally stock radio doesn't power up. Nothing I can do makes it power up. When the cabin heat gets up to 55F or so, if I pull over, turn the key off, then turn it back on, the radio functions nomally -- bluetooth and all. And otherwise functions normally. But when it's cold out, no radio. The screen is absolutely blank, irrespective of whether it's on or off.

If I switch the ignition or and off while the car is still cold, the radio plays 'possum

When it recovers it is perfectly functional.

WTF? Anyone else had this issue, and if yes, how did you fix it? (I can't move to a warmer climate w/o swimming!
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