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Choosing a Fortwo

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I was looking for a Fortwo to tow behind my motorhome. My dealer has two used ones - a 2005 diesel Passion with 95,057 km on it for $6988 Canadian and a 2012 gas Passion with 51,452 km for $7350 Canadian. I like the idea of the diesel with the power and gas mileage, but thought I would get some opinions. Diesels last a long time but that's quite a bit more miles. Any body have an opinion?



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Hmm I think the diesel is a bit over priced for Canada although it was a top of the line smart and I notice it even has the smart iPhone cradle, granted that has the old style plug so anything newer than an iPhone 4 won't work. (not sure if it can be adapted but from the look of the photo I would say not. It looks like it had a full brake job recently as the front callipers look brand new as do the rotors.

Does the gas smart come with another set of wheels and tires? Reason I ask is the Passion typically had aluminum wheels that look like what is on the diesel.

Did a quick look through auto trader for Alberta, these look interesting. Granted smarts seem to be quite expensive in your part of Canada.

2008 Smart Fortwo Passion | used cars & trucks | Calgary | Kijiji

2008 Smart Fortwo Convertible | used cars & trucks | Strathcona County | Kijiji
The one in Calgary looks interesting. I noticed some hub caps somewhere for the one in Lethbridge. The phone cradle can be taken off I think. Probably don't make a new one but it's not important. $6988 C is $5187 US. Don't know if that makes a difference. I always thought diesels were more expensive and last a lot longer than gas cars. The diesel gets 47 mpg and the gas about 30-35?

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I'm down in Toronto so was working it through in Canadian Dollars. I have noticed down here that smart prices have been on the rise the past couple of months which I find interesting.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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