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Choosing a Fortwo

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I was looking for a Fortwo to tow behind my motorhome. My dealer has two used ones - a 2005 diesel Passion with 95,057 km on it for $6988 Canadian and a 2012 gas Passion with 51,452 km for $7350 Canadian. I like the idea of the diesel with the power and gas mileage, but thought I would get some opinions. Diesels last a long time but that's quite a bit more miles. Any body have an opinion?



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Hmm I think the diesel is a bit over priced for Canada although it was a top of the line smart and I notice it even has the smart iPhone cradle, granted that has the old style plug so anything newer than an iPhone 4 won't work. (not sure if it can be adapted but from the look of the photo I would say not. It looks like it had a full brake job recently as the front callipers look brand new as do the rotors.

Does the gas smart come with another set of wheels and tires? Reason I ask is the Passion typically had aluminum wheels that look like what is on the diesel.

Did a quick look through auto trader for Alberta, these look interesting. Granted smarts seem to be quite expensive in your part of Canada.

The one in Calgary looks interesting. I noticed some hub caps somewhere for the one in Lethbridge. The phone cradle can be taken off I think. Probably don't make a new one but it's not important. $6988 C is $5187 US. Don't know if that makes a difference. I always thought diesels were more expensive and last a lot longer than gas cars. The diesel gets 47 mpg and the gas about 30-35?

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So I decided on a 2008 Passion convertible. 55,000 km, loaded gasoline for $6500.

Seems great going to Calgary on Saturday to get it.

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So I was going to get a trailer to haul my new car home from Calgary. They said the trailer would need brakes with that weight. My pick up isn't rigged for brakes, so I'm going to have the girl drive it down with her boyfriend in a different car. Would this need brakes when towed behind the motorhome?
So, this is called a Passion Cabriolet I think? Does anyone know if it's considered a 450, 451, or what? Is it possible to get a key cut from anywhere but a Mercedes dealer? Can you switch the radio for one with bluetooth?
Hitch and color

The shop in my town wants $3800 to hook up a Blue Ox towbar for me. This seem high? Can anyone tell me what color mine is? I looked for the sticker that supposed to have the code on it, but it didn't have one.


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