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Choosing a Fortwo

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I was looking for a Fortwo to tow behind my motorhome. My dealer has two used ones - a 2005 diesel Passion with 95,057 km on it for $6988 Canadian and a 2012 gas Passion with 51,452 km for $7350 Canadian. I like the idea of the diesel with the power and gas mileage, but thought I would get some opinions. Diesels last a long time but that's quite a bit more miles. Any body have an opinion?



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The wiring deficiencies in the 450 are inexcusable, a case of low-bidder cheapness and crap engineering.
If anything, Kane's adventures at Evilution is a testament to this. The roadster leaks more water than a boat with a hull of Swiss Cheese, the 450's petrol engine rebuilds were so common that there are repair shops dedicated to such a thing, and so on.

I'm a masochist though, so I'm totally going to own a 450 one day. :D
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