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Big Brother the fictional character in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is alive and well. In that society everyone is under surveillance by the authorities. However, the Smart car goes one step beyond.

Smart way to catch rogue drivers

A BIG BROTHER-style car equipped with high-tech gadgets and a retractable spy camera is helping to clamp down on rogue drivers.

The tiny Smart enforcement car is being deployed to accident black spots and schools in a bid to crack down on drivers breaking the rules of the road.

They face paying fines of up to £120 if caught by the new council-run vehicle which has a 2m/6ft pole with a versatile 360 degree camera.

Cllr Milton McKenzie, Barking and Dagenham's executive member for highways, said: "It is necessary for the council to tackle drivers who endanger the safety of other road users in our pursuit of a cleaner, greener and safer borough.

"Our new CCTV enforcement regime will be used to reduce congestion by patrolling known hotspots as well as schools."

Cllr Val Rush, executive member for community safety, added: "The Smart car will be a welcome and vital tool in the council's efforts to tackle antisocial behavior.

Source: Barking & Dagenham Recorder JOHN PHILLIPS
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