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Clicking Noise When AC is on. Only works sometimes

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Sometimes my ac will work fine and other times it will randomly start to put out hot air and start making a loud clicking noise every few seconds. I previously had issues with the evaporator temperature sensor having the wires come out. However that has been reattached and shouldn’t be the issue.

Here is a link to a video of the sound I recorded:

Any ideas of what it might be?
I have never worked on cars before so my knowledge of engines is limited.
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Perhaps the compressor is short-cycling due to low Freon, making those periodic clacking noises.

There is a system pressure switch that shuts it down if too low.

There is a point where pressure will be high enough when first starting to run, but as it draws the low side down, it trips off.

It will come back on a bit later when the low side is back up as the system equalizes. Have it checked with a gauge.

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