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Clutch problems again: Error code P0805 just popped up

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On my drive home this evening, the car started feeling lurchy, especially on those occasions when the car changed gears. Any time the car slowed, I felt it kick a bit, and when I did change gears, there was a slight but noticeable delay bw each shift. For some reason, the engine light didn't come on until I turned the car off and then back on; when I checked the ScanGaugeII, I got the P0805 code, and thanks to this site, I found that this means: Clutch Position Sensor Circuit.

I'm not sure I'll be able to drive the car back to NYC tomorrow; the car is fine in 5th gear, once it makes it there, but it really seems to struggle thru the low gears and might not actually be able to reverse. But I do have some tows left on my AAA account (you get 4 per year), so it might be best if I have the car towed into NYC tomorrow.

1. Is there anyway that I can have this problem fixed locally?
2. Is this going to be a quick fix (I doubt it), or are we going to have to order parts? I have a feeling I'm in for a bumpy ride -- I'm way over warranty.

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I think I will do that on my 30,000 servis this month or this spring when it warms up.
So far no problems and I'v been driving pretty hard on it in the snow and slush. In and out of auto/manual.

I'll post if IT happens again.
I picked up the car this afternoon. The tech said that they'd retaught the tranny (again) so that it would communicate correctly with the clutch. So far so good. But they didn't have time to replace the two (rear) broken pressure sensors, so I'll have that done at the 110,000 mile check-up.
Just happened at the car wash today

Thanks for all the good information. I'm heading out to lube mine now. Interstingly enough the only time mine's thrown a p0805 was when we took it to one of those full service drag it through car washes with the under car wash. The kid that got it off the end of the line and went to drive forward but
went nowhere and his coworkers had to push him forward. He turn it off but then it wouldn't restart. It only clicked when you turned the key. We pushed it out of the way and, after about ten minutes it started again and all's been well since then. BTW, we had the 2.0 tranny software applied in June and it fixed almost every other problem but this one.
Result! And it's amazing!

I got a call from my rep at the Smart Center. Apparently the issue was twofold. First of all, I've had a recurring problem with my air-pressure sensors. And somehow, the computer seems to have gotten tripped up by this. Secondly, I needed the most recent software update.

When both of these were done, I got the car back, and it seems to be driving fine.

Total cost: two different diagnostics, testing the car, etc: $140. Coulda been MUCH worse.
My car just crapped out at 65,555 miles (08 Passion). I have had the air sensor issues and continual error code, though smart couldn't find anything more (after $1300). Now I died while I was driving - a thump, a couple of lurches, and error P0805 and P0900. I'll have to look up retraining the transmission, but it was towed to a local shop for now.
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