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If it popped out, there is a high degree of probability that it fell into the opening and is inside the plastic surround that houses the gearshift. If you are brave enough, this plastic cover can be removed. If you should choose to take this route, the coin holder is probably hiding under a little overhang at the front of the gearshift assembly. That’s where mine was.

To remove the plastic surround, remove the gearshift knob by rotating the little plastic sleeve under the “ball” counter-clockwise and pull straight up. The first time you take this apart, everything will be very tight and feel like they will break before they come apart so use caution.

After removing the shift knob, pop plastic bit that has the gearshift display out and remove the ribbon connector that is connected to the gear shift indicator LED display.

Next, pop off the the screw cover under the emergency brake (it helps to have the e-brake up and engaged) and remove the screw in the recesses hole under the cover.

The gearshift cover plastic can then be pulled up to remove the whole assembly and you can go hunting for the coin slots.

Evolution has a great tutorial.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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