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Hi folks,

I have located a used 2018 Smart 453 Cabrio Prime which is precisely the car I want, except for the fact that it has the TomTom+JBL audio system; both of these “premium” options make it extra complicated to upgrade to a Chinese “Android w/Carplay” or “native” CarPlay head unit. If I can’t confirm that I can get CarPlay into this car, I may have to pass on the vehicle.

I was able to find a discussion from a user who attempted install of an Android unit, but it seems excessively complicated, and not sure whether he ever got all the features working.

For the Pioneer EVO62DAB-SMAB ”native“ carplay unit Evilution also talks about it, and it references a “JBL Audio Adapter”, but doesn’t go into detail about installation.

Has anyone actually achieved a CarPlay head unit upgrade with a TomTom+JBL combination? Ironic that what were once premium features are now being such a pain in my ass! lol…
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