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I am looking for a 2008 wiring diagram, preferably for a cab. I have considered an on line so-called factory shop manual -- downloadable -- but cannot tell whether it includes a wiring diagram. I'm hoping for a wiring diagram that covers the entire car, engine, body, top, inclusive.

I'm especially interested in whether anyone has ordered the downloadable one and if yes, whether it was complete, including the top electrics, air bags, and every thing else.

My keeping my beloved smart may depend on whether such an item is available, and BTW, I already know about ebay, Amazon, etc. So: THANKS!
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You can create your own cut and paste wiring manual by subscribing to . It's been A VERY LONG TIME since I made one for my '13. What's cool is you can enter your VIN and it will only show those items that apply to your specific smart with your specific option packages that came with it from the factory, (as well as those updated in the VeDOC).

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