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I get the reservation number in your profile thingy and the w/s/r stuff but what is the config 10/20 and 10/8 mean? What is a 451? :cool:
Vicki from Dallas
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The 451 is the manufacturers designation before the car was built, I guess.
True. Its predecessor (2006 and earlier) is the 450 model.
I have a conf. number so I'm not just crying in my beer (so to speak) .... I was excited to find this site but am disappointed to see what seems like a ha ha ha aspect of all these numbers listing.
Maybe it is just me....It seems like a happy, sporty car that shouldn't bring about hard feelings...:rolleyes:
I think if you had been following the threads over the past few months, the comments would appear in better context. The intent of most of the "negative comments" are to warn new registrants not to get their expectations high regarding an early delivery, and much of the edge to any comment is caused by the authors' own frustration regarding how many additional months they have to wait for their car because they hesitated just a few days to place their reservations.

So far, I've noted just one or two bad apples on this site that will occassionally mount a personal attack, but the overwhelming number of folks on this forum are friendly, informative and very helpful.

PS: You're right about yellow cars. That's what I ordered and it'll be my first yellow car ever.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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