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I get the reservation number in your profile thingy and the w/s/r stuff but what is the config 10/20 and 10/8 mean? What is a 451? :cool:
Vicki from Dallas
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Sorry guys, You are absolutely right. I went back and read the Whole long post and realized I miss interpreted the number thing. It is not an "I have mine on the way, you don't have yours" thing. It is a lets talk and figure out what to expect thing. Thank-you for the replies and for taking the time to set me straight. Special thanks to Dave in Texas for the PMs. According to him I'm number 1200. I'm going out of town for over two weeks on 28 Nov. I hope I don't miss the email! Why do two people say they are #1184 can two people have the same number or does that person have two sign ons?
1184 represents only the date of reservation
6251811182 Reserved on March 28, at 6:15 and 26 seconds PM. In other words your reservation # is a time stamp. If two people have 1184 it only means they reserved on the same day. Of course no one official told us this. But we have some pretty psyched members of forum that felt a need to decipher this info and thanks to them it all falls in place.
We are at 1189, you still have 10 days of reservations and we are seeing 2-4 reservation days getting the configuration email/week. I would recommend signing into your email account from afar if you can while on the road the week after next just in case they speed up the dates. They are processing 300-350 per week we think.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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