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config #

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I get the reservation number in your profile thingy and the w/s/r stuff but what is the config 10/20 and 10/8 mean? What is a 451? :cool:
Vicki from Dallas
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I want to repeat what gamerxxx just said....

If you are close to getting your e-mail to do the second step and confirm your order--- you need a way to check your e-mail and check your answering machine messages... They are very serious about the 7~10 days to respond.

On the Canadian Smart site in the American Forum there is a very aggravated fellow who missed the e-mail AND the phone call and is now waiting to get a second "Invite" (according to his angry call to SmartUSA 800)..... I have a very strong suspicion that the second invite will NOT happen until all the current Que is exhausted.... I don't think that fellow is going to be very happy any time soon

Rocking Yellow car lover..... Your number will more then likely come up while you are gone for those two weeks... find a way to check you mail and answering machine! wink wink
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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