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9 New Green Cars Unveiled Car-makers Compete for Prestige at Biennial Frankfurt Auto Show

Here’s a look at some of the new eco-friendly auto models unveiled at the Biennial Frankfurt Auto Show, as detailed by the Toronto Star. Not all of these vehicles will be available in the United States anytime soon — but they demonstrate the innovation taking place in the auto making industry — and that’s a very positive sign.

- Volkswagen’s Up! — A four-seat, rear-engine micro car with two- and three-cylinder engines, it will go into production 2011.
- Mercedes-Benz’s F700 DiesOtto — A luxury sedan with subcompact fuel efficiency, it will hit the market in 2012.
- Mercedes-BMW-GM’s ML 450 Hybrid — A two-mode rear-drive hybrid, it will be available in North America (Canada, anyway) in 2009.
- BMW’s X6 ActiveHybrid — A gasoline-electric hybrid that is billed as the world’s first sport-utility-like coupe, it will go on sale (in Canada) in 2009.
- GM’s Flextreme — A plug-in electric hybrid with a lithium-ion battery pack and a 1.3 Liter diesel engine, it is made under the Open and Saturn banners. Vehicles with this technology should be in production within two or three years.
- Audi’s e Concept — A modified A4 sedan, it uses gel batteries to store kinetic energy.
- Toyota’s iQ — A front-wheel drive microc ar.
- Nissan’s Mixim — An all-electric car, it can go 155 miles on a single charge.
- Hyundai’s i-Blue — A hydrogen fuel cell car.

At the upcoming International Motor Show smart, GmbH will present three innovative versions for their model ranges.

- Brabus and BRABUS Xclusive

Mercedes shows off its Smart little ride
The Birmingham News - - Birmingham, AL,USA Susan Baker fell in love with the Smart car after seeing the hip, tiny vehicles during a European vacation nearly a decade ago.

MotorTorque – UK Fill out the no-obligation form below for more information about this Car, including details of where to buy this amazing deal...

PORSCHE is still the favorite car of higher earners, says a report.
Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow, Scotland, UK But the more environmentally friendly and dinky Smart car has now leapt up the league table.

Fuel Efficiency: the X Factor
Washington Post - United States "We're going to have a plug-in, gas-electric car ready for testing in 2009," when Automotive X Prize officials plan to stage a race involving all contest ...

Volkswagen debuts UP!, would-be competitor to Smart's fortwo
International Herald Tribune – France AP At an invitation-only preview Monday before two days of official press previews for the 62nd International Auto Show, the Wolfsburg-based car maker

Smart eyes ´green tipping point´ on new fortwo debut
MotorTorque – UK Ian Dutfield, marketing director for the Mercedes Car Group in the UK said yesterday at the media launch of the new smart fortwo coupe and cabrio models,

AUTO REVIEW 2008 Gas Sippers
MarketWatch – USA The Smart car has virtually taken over in Rome where congestion is legendary, and Londoners say you can park it on your door mat.

Frankfurt Preview: BRABUS Ultimate 112
Autoblog - Santa Monica, CA, USA On tap for introduction in Frankfurt is the BRABUS ULTIMATE 112, based on the open-air smart fortwo.

A smart promotion for Virgin
Radio Today - Manchester, UK Virgin Radio is launching a breakfast show competition this morning with smart to promote the launch of the new smart fortwo car. ...

Time: early electric car one of 50 worst of all "time"
ZDNet – USA "Who Killed the Electric Car?" That, BTW, was released last summer and the movie website indicates it's no longer playing in theaters.

Car show's guzzlers, sippers
The Courier News - Elgin, IL,USA His electric car is one of only about 210 in the state, he said.

smart USA Announces Pricing of smart fortwo Models
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
Manufacturer's suggested retail price for the entry-level pure coupe will start at $11590(a),

Mercedes-Benz sales reports best August ever
Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada
The second generation 2008 smart fortwo will be ready for delivery in early November.

smart Canada delivers its 10000th smart fortwo
The smart division of Mercedes-Benz Canada delivered its 10,000th smart fortwo to Mr. Bryan Moul of Vancouver, British Columbia. This important milestone happened two months before smarts 3rd anniversary in Canada.

Swatch watch and co-founder of smart car Hayek aims for cheap The man behind the micro-sized Smart car, the head of Swiss watch group Swatch, wants to develop a fuel cell engine for an affordable "green" vehicle, a company spokeswoman said Friday.

BMW, Smart fend off Chinese copies of X5, ForTwo
BMW, Daimler Upset Over Chinese "Copies" The carmakers threaten to sue Chinese rivals if, at Frankfurt's auto show, they present cars with striking resemblance to German designs.

Bad in the best way: smart launches fortwo BRABUS
New smart fortwo BRABUS and BRABUS Xclusive: 30 percent more power than before with fuel consumption of just...

Smart quizzed on safety
The Register-Guard - 07/11/2007 The tiny, fuel efficient vehicles will roll into the United States next year, but questions remain over their road worthiness.

United Auto Group Renamed Penske Automotive Group
Leftlane - 06/29/2007 Roger Penske is betting that his now-famous last name will be the best bet for the Penske Corporation's dealership arm. Formerly called United Auto Group, the chain of car dealerships will be renamed Penske Automotive Group effective Monday.

DaimlerChrysler recalls 1,650 Smart cars - Autos Insider - 06/22/2007 Smart GmbH, part of the Mercedes Car Group, has consistently lost money since it was formed, but DaimlerChrysler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche has said the company expects to break even later this year. DaimlerChrysler spent nearly $1.34 billion on restructuring Smart, cut 300 of the 750 jobs at the unit's headquarters and ended production.

Tiny Car Could Be Big Business for UAG
Forbes - 06/21/2007 A deal to distribute DaimlerChrysler's Smart car could prove lucrative for United Auto Group.

20,000 pre-orders for the Smart ForTwo
Autoblog - 07/11/2007 In January, the new Smart will likely be sold through a network of dealers under Roger Penske's UnitedAuto Group, with a bulk of the cars selling through Mercedes-Benz

50-65 mpg Smart Cars sold in Mesa
Arizona Republic - 06/18/2007 At just over 8-feet long, they aren't much bigger than a golf cart, but the Smart Car, sold in Mesa at the states only dealership packs a punch compared with area senior citizens' preferred mode of transportation.

smart USA - open your mind
The official website of smart USA, the only authorized US smart fortwo distributor, Would you like reserve your very own new 2008 smart fortwo? Our exciting $99 RESERVATION...

Smart Fortwo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Fortwo is the original Smart model, launched in 1998 as City Coupe. The name Fortwo was introduced for this car when Smart began producing additional models. Concept The Smart Micro compact car
A pioneering vehicle concept that is one of the best with its low CO2 emission figures

First Drive: 2008 Smart Fortwo
We drive the outrageously small, Euro-style 2008 Smart Fortwo that's coming to the United States ... Vehicle Tested: 2008 smart fortwo 2dr Hatchback Price It!.

ZAP Smart car
ZAPWORLD is the leader in the electric vehicle market and manufacturer of the ZAPPY electric scooter ... ZAP-X The most advanced electric vehicle!

Smart ForTwo Passion, Pulse, Pure: Coupe and Cabrio
Don't wait until 2008! Order your Smart car today from a Southern California-based professional ... G & K Automotive Conversion, Inc . and The Defiance Company LLC.

Smart Fortwo Dealers - Home
Smart car dealerships is your best source for your dealership for selling any smart or intelligent

smart car america - 2007 Smart Fortwo
America’s source for the smart car and fortwo information and smart fortwo car buying and smart The redesigned 2007 Smart ForTwo is truly a metro car for our crowded metropolitan areas., a division of Smart Cars of America, is seeking participation, as it initiates its second North American Smart Fortwo survey.
Tuesday, August 21, 2007, 10:56:01 AM

Ahead of the Smart Car's American Introduction and Current Smart Car Expedition
Tuesday, July 24, 2007, 10:11:44 AM Smart Car Forum. The forum is intended for alternative, smart devotees and automotive industry experts and was designed by a leader in automotive Internet services.

Smart Cars of America Announces the Creation of an All-new Smart Car Forum
Monday, June 25, 2007, 11:02:06 AM As the smart USA "Street Smart Tour" undertakes its 34 state expedition, Smart Cars of America announces the creation of an all-new Smart Car Forum. The new forum for auto lovers, industry experts and new car buyers, is designed by a market expert and leader in automotive Internet marketing services.

Smart Cars of America Creates New Web Site for the 2008 Smart
Wednesday, June 06, 2007, 7:14:14 AM The new Internet site allows for the distribution of information regarding the U.S launch, progress and eventual success or failure of the the 2008 Smart.

Smart Cars of America Announces its Smart Car AutoMall Dealership Classifieds Site.
Thursday, May 17, 2007, 5:00:00 AM reveals their innovative automotive online classified car site.

Smart Cars of America Relentless In Its Pursuit to Satisfy Waiting List Members
Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 7:39:54 AM Smart Cars of America convinced by reports coming out of Europe, New Jersey and other locations, advising that the Smart car would be available before long started a Smart Car Waiting List.

Smart Cars of America Reports on Smart Fortwo's Progress to the U.S
Monday, February 26, 2007, 7:50:54 AM Americans want a clever vehicle, specifically the new Smart Fortwo.

Smart Cars of Americas Independent Observation and Clarification on The Redesigned 2007 Smart Fortwo and Safety Concerns
Friday, February 02, 2007, 8:24:30 AM Smart Cars of America believes that an educational phase and an informative course of action, along with dealer input and manufactures data can reassure the American driving public that when the Smart Fortwo goes on sale here it will be one of the safer small cars available.

Smart Cars of America Announces Concerns over Sales of American-ized Non-compliant Versions of the Smart Fortwo
Saturday, November 18, 2006, 3:00:00 AM Smart Cars of America ( announced today its concerns over currently available, American-ized versions of the Smart ForTwo vehicles.

Smart car faces safety questions
Baltimore Sun - 07/16/2007 Aiming at U.S. buyers seeking non-gas guzzler, compact auto draws crash concerns The tiny two-seat Smart car is a common sight on the congested streets of European capitals, something DaimlerChrysler AG is eager to duplicate in cities like New York and Los Angeles when it begins selling the vehicle in the U.S. next year.
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