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I'm excited that things are moving along in Madison, but when are we getting a dealer in the Milwaukee area again?
For now, smart center Madison will be the only dealer and service center in the state of WI... Aren't you glad your smart doesn't need an oil change every 3-months like a lot of the "big" cars on the road? Come over to see us in Madison and I will give you $25 off your first service. :)

To bad this isn't in the Minnesota section :)

You guys are great over in Madison though!
Hi Joe! Thanks for the kind words! We continue to sell smarts into MN and have been offering to deliver them directly to people's driveways rather than them having to make the drive. I know it's a pain-in-the-butt for service, especially for those of you who have a 4+++ hour drive! For now, it seems as though there will not be a smart center opening in MN. I have had casual conversation with some people about the possibility of opening a smart SERVICE center in the twin cities area, but as of right now smart does not have a business model for such a thing. Zimbrick has opened similar centers for Honda, and I will mention it to Mr. Z the next time I see him...

Have a great day!

Chris @
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