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Consumer Reprts SUCKS

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I just read an short concerning our beloved Smart for Two. I would like to take a tester from Consumer Reports and Forbes for a ride in a Smart, just to show them how great this little car really is. They apparently test cars using race drivers. I have found my Smart car to be perfect in every way. And concerning needing 93 octane gas, for 30 cents a gallon more I get 46+ mpg's. What other car has been tested that can drive 370+ miles between fill-ups and on 8 gallons of gas. I say to hell with consumer reports. Consumer Reports are a group of biased individuals that can't research a toothpick without finding fault.

15 New Cars To Avoid | Forbes
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I don't see a date for Forbes' regurgitated article, but their comments ("herky-jerky" and "under-powered") and photo are not at all relevant to current production smarts. Pathetic.
I'm down to two bars on the fuel gauge (two gals) and know that some time later this week I have to get gas. This is the only car I've ever owned that I can say makes me not care about gas prices. As for the jerky trans if You know how to drive a manual you can make it as smooth as silk and it's also much more fun.
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I get upset when I read articles like this. I just recently, last fall, purchased a used 2008 Smart Pure, and I enjoy driving this car, and I have so far not found any of this or previous reviews to be true. But then, I drive a car like it is intended to be driven. Yes the cockpit appears small, But my 6'7" 295 pound body has plenty of leg room and I am not scrunched up. And from the first time I took it for a test drive, I learned that for smooth shifting, as an automatic, accelerate with steady pressure on the gas pedal, and the computer shifts as smooth as any. What the people that test drive cars don't understand is that when they test drive a fuel efficient car such as the Smart, they need to drive the car sensibly. Do not drive it like they are in a drag race or in a NASCAR race. This is a fuel efficient car and needs to be driven using a tiny bit of gray matter. I drive to see how much mpg's I can get. Steady acceleration and steady speeds. Furthermore, I rarely drive over 55 mph, but on occasion will go to 65 mph. And yes, I do sometimes get peeved at someone who is following too closely on a back country road, and then I will speed up and take a sharp turn at an excessive speed just to see if they can keep up and hug the corner Usually they don't follow too closely after their first failure.

I do LOVE how the Smart hugs the turns, reminds me of a 2 seat sports car. So for me, my Smart car is a FUEL efficient 2 seat sports car, that has the ability to perform when needed, but prefers to be driven sensibly. I LOVE MY SMART FOR TWO!! and won't tolerate anyone talking bad about it or any Smart car.
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consumers report

I haven't bothered with that magazine since they gave Suzuki a bad rap. At that time there were many SUV's flipping over if you drove like a fool. I has five from 1995 to 2004 Vittara and they were all bullet proof.
I pay no attention , all mechanical things have issue .. otherwise , everything is a learn as you go adventure . Some good some bad .
That why smart introduced, the new 453. To address all the down falls, of the 451. Smart made all the improvements to the new model. The Buckley transmission issue 9 year old news. Lack of power the same. I have a 2008 Car and Driver magazine, address the 451 with the same issues. First test drive review.
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