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ello I have a 09 passion and I put a new radiator in it and did not get all of the air out of the system and blew a head gasket . Long story short I pulled the motor out had the head machined and I put everything back together and everything is working good mechanically . But I keep getting a coolant temperature sensor code . I replaced the coolant temperature sensor and I replaced the pigtail that goes on it thinking it might have gotten wet when I bled the system from the head which is located right above the plug . I can reset the code in the car works perfect for about 10 miles good heat and everything then the light comes on one and starts the fan to run constant and I do not have much heat circulating but the motor is running cool. Too cool if anything . You seem to know what you are talking about any ideas . Only other thing I have not done is refilled my AC unit since putting everything back together would that cause this code to go off ?
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